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What is the Nordic Way of Working?
It's "we" mentality and the pursuit for equality – happiness and productivity go hand in hand.


After years of experience within workplace design it always struck out to us how we could utilise our Nordic roots to create a more inclusive work environment for everyone. 

The Nordic Way of Working is a Scandinavian workplace design concept which brings together the working environment and the philosophy behind the Nordic way of living and working.

Our aim is to help you create the best working environment to support your team on your way to success.

The idea dives deeper into the philosophy behind the Nordic way of living

and working – it's a great tool to inspire and bring out fresh ideas to the work environment.



How is the the Nordic way different?

We're enthusiastic to share our knowledge and show ways how any workplace

can benefit and implement change to their work environment by giving it a Nordic touch.

Just like Nordic design, we believe that the same philosophy can be

applied to anything: it's all about functionality, low hierarchy, courage, equality and fresh ideas.

The philosophy behind the Nordic Way of Working is to create a healthier, more dynamic environment.

Our service can be tailored to suit your needs: it can include workshops, a keynote speech or even a made-to-measure approach creating a holistic work environment for your business. 

As a design studio we can combine the interior design aspect to the philosophy

and carry out a holistic change within the workplace.

To put it short, creating a happy work environment is at the core – everything we do aligns with it.

We'd be happy to tell you more – please don't hesitate to drop us a line through our contact form.

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