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Office vs. Remote

Here we are, in a battle between the cozyness of our own couch and the social activities of the office.

Many companies are struggling with the big decision on how to deal with the home-office-phenomenon after the pandemic. Does it make sense to pay for expensive square meters?

Is it time to turn the office into a huddle and let the employees decide? Maybe we should just stick to the old plan where everyone was working from the same address at the same hours, since there we were able to follow our KPIs and hold on to our JF meetings.

Germany is taking a leap backwards calling employees back to their desks "ASAP". All statistics point that the effectivity didn't sink, but people faced plenty of other struggles being stuck at home (Source: State of Remote Work 2021).

Seeing all this from the Nordic point of view we'd like to advice you to have a talk with your staff. What are the things that made them anxious during lockdown, what are the points they enjoyed while working remotely? Do they feel a lack of information or are they overwhelmed with the – maybe even unnecessary – video calls?

In this "new normal" we have an urge for a new culture and adaptation and the best way is to define your company's cultural standing.

If you want to have a talk and get some perspective to your future visions regarding your company's workplace culture, don't hesitate to call us. We are not just willing to help, but also curious to hear your thoughts and plans.

We are looking forward to a more stabile future, let's build it together!

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