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The Pillars of Nordic Work Philosophy and Design

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

What comes to your mind when you hear the words Nordic or Scandinavian? We’d guess it’s probably something simple and minimalistic – perhaps even ascetic.

Nordic design focuses on the essentials – the designs are simple but sturdy, minimalistic and agile. If you think about the most well-known Nordic design pieces, they all have these aspects in common. These kind of design pieces adapt to their surroundings while the focus is on functionality.

We have found that these same design principles intersect with the Nordic way of living and that these design ideas can – and should be – applied into the work culture.

That’s what the Nordic Way of Working is all about – to introduce key tools to bring more happiness, content and easiness to every workplace. As a design studio we want to be able to connect the external and internal and bring the Nordic philosophy of equality and happiness to the workplace without forgetting the importance of well-designed interiors and how they affect our focus at work.

How can you apply the Scandinavian design philosophy to the way you work? Here are four things to learn from the Nordics to create a better work-life balance:

  1. Simplicity – Let’s not make it too complicated and focus on what matters. This goes with communications and operations. The Nordic way is to cut to the chase and not keep on rambling.

  2. Equality and respect – The Nordic work culture is based on low hierarchy, and this is reflected in respect at the workplace. Everyone is equal, important, and valuable. The sense of equality removes barriers and gives space for interaction, understanding and well-being at work for everyone, creating a sense of common good.

  3. Flexibility – When you put the focus on the teams’ well-being and the common good, everyone is motivated with the same goal. If we are all equal and motivated by the same goals, we are all aware how flexibility can improve everyones work effort. May it be working part-time remotely or completely remotely, the flexibility and trust given to employees increases loyalty and well-being at work.

  4. Motivation – When was the last time you had fun at work? The Nordic countries value education, learning and creativity. Actively educating oneself and keeping up with the changes in ones industry keeps the mind agile and happy. Free time is respected and time off is regarded important for the well-being of everyone.

Would you like to learn more about the philosophy behind the Nordic Way of Working? We’re happy to do a free contact call and see how we could help you to bring more balance and well-being to your work place.

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